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Backbone Bourbon

Mon, Aug 29, 22

Backbone Bourbon

 Our very own Marc Gernhardt talks with Kevin Hogan from Backbone Bourbon about a wonderful selection of single barrel bourbons.

Backbone distills its bourbon out of MGP in Lawerenceville, IN and age everything no shorter than two years. Most of the items discussed in the video were aged in single barrels between 3-5 years which makes for a smooth sipping product. Each of these bourbons are in the 100+ proof but you wouldn’t know it even after a few sips; these are deceptively smooth!

Marc’s personal favorite is the Rye Whiskey. At first sip, you get the oak from the barrel and it finishes with a slow and lingering typical rye burn that radiates between sips.

All of these items are available on our shelves. Selection may vary per location. Perfect gift for Father’s Day but you don’t need much excuse to grab one.

Backbone Bourbon Uncut Barrel #38 – 4 Year – $56.99

 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% malted barley

53 gallon #3 Char – 115.8 proof

 Color – rich caramel

Nose – tart caramel apple, baking spices and well balanced

Taste – caramel, dark fruit, oak and spice

Finish – long and spicy with dried oak notes


Backbone Straight Wheat Barrel #2 – 27 Months – $47.99

 95% wheat, 5% malted barley

 53 gallon #3 Char – 118.4 proof

 Color – Light chocolate

Nose – vanilla, shredded wheat cereal, orange citrus – very enjoyable and not overpowering

Taste – cherries and orange citrus, cream of wheat

Finish – almost bourbon on the finish – caramel, mint and cereal notes that linger


Bone Snapper Straight Rye Barrel #41 – 5 Year – $56.99

 95% rye, 5% malted barley

 53 gallon #4 Char – 118.9 proof

 Color – rich caramel

Nose – baking spices, cinnamon, dried fruit and oak

Taste – full, rich and smooth with vanilla, honey and caramel, charred oak and pepper spices

Finish – warm, spicy and lingering


Triple Down Light Whiskey Barrel #20 – 11 Year – $71.99

 99% corn, 1% malted barley

 53 gallon Used barrel (Backbone Bourbon Uncut) – 134.9 proof

 Color – light copper, apple juice

Nose – vanilla, honey, orange citrus and light chocolate

Taste – baking spices, green fruit like apples and pears, citrus and a cereal note

Finish – fruits, cotton candy, light oak with lingering citrus



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