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Maker's Mark Private Select - 2018 Edition

Mon, Aug 29, 22

Maker’s Mark Private Select – 2018 Edition

In October 2018, we sent Mike Hosier (Spirits Buyer), Steve Figel (Dupont Manager), Amanda Altimus (Human Resources) and Marc Gernhardt (Marketing Manager) to Maker’s Mark. They took a tour of the campus and learned a little bit how everything worked from distillation all the way to the bottling process. Their ultimate mission: create the next Private Select Bourbon.

The Process

The tour ended with the group in a laboratory of sorts; this is where the magic happens in deciding how to build the Private Select barrel. It all starts with Cask Strength Maker’s Mark that then goes into a barrel with 10 finishing staves.The staves to choose from are:

  1. Baked American Pure
  2. Seared French Cuvee
  3. Maker’s 46
  4. Roasted French Mocha
  5. Toasted French Spice

These staves are treated differently and influence the flavor profile of the bourbon. Part of this process is tasting 5 bourbons barreled with all 10 of each stave and then creating and mixing a recipe from those barrels. Each member of our team created their own recipe and “competed” against one another to decide which recipe to go into production. It came down to two recipes that nobody truly could decide on; each recipe had characteristics that everybody really enjoyed. To the suggestion made by the guide, they created a hybrid recipe of the two favorites. Here is what they came up with:

  1. Baked American Pure (3)
  2. Seared French Cuvee (1)
  3. Maker’s 46 (3)
  4. Roasted French Mocha (2)
  5. Toasted French Spice (1)

Once the staves were chosen, the barrel was filled with Cask Strength Maker’s Mark and aged for 9 weeks. Our distribution facility has received the bottles and has begun sending product to our stores.

Tasting Notes

This edition of our Maker’s Mark Private Select will appeal to bourbon fans across the spectrum. This 110 proof monster hits you with a spicy punch in the face in the beginning and the smooth finish just lingers until you’re ready for the next sip. Drop a cube of ice in your glass and enjoy all of the flavor profiles this bourbon has to offer.

Where to Find Your Bottle

You can find this bottle at many of our locations, on our mobile app and on our website. Supplies won’t last long, you better hurry! If for some reason, your preferred location does not have it in stock, reach out to us at

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