2022 New Year’s Resolution

Tue, Oct 25, 22

2022 New Year’s Resolution

By now, you’ve set your New Year’s Resolution. Maybe you want to start working out, read more books, or dial it down on alcohol consumption. If reducing alcohol in your diet is your choice, you’ll be pleased to find there are many more choices than a just a few years ago! Let’s take a look at the list below for a myriad of choices and you’ll find you can still enjoy a nice red wine with a piece of chocolate or a number of “beers” to go with your pizza night both with no-alcohol!!

Non-Alcoholic Beer

O’Doul’s was one of the pioneers of the non-alcoholic brews but we bet you’ve never seen some of the newer NA beers on our shelves! Everything from domestics to craft, you will find something to satisfy that beer-like taste!

Non-Alcoholic Wine

When someone thinks of alcohol free wine, they tend to think “grape juice”. While we do offer a number of sparkling grape juice, we also have a nice selection of alcohol removed wine. They make alcohol removed wine by heating up the wine to allow the ethanol to evaporate. What remains is an alcohol free product that tastes closer to how the wine would normally taste than simple grape juice.

Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Who would have thought that alcohol free spirts would exist? Check out our selection of non-alcoholic spirits by Abstinence!
ABSTINENCE is South Africa’s first and leading non-alcoholic range brand covering all key occasions, underpinned by a clear purpose of helping preserve and restore the Cape Floral Kingdom. The range currently comprises of two aperitifs and four spirits.
ABSTINENCE uses the finest ingredients and botanicals from the beautifully diverse Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest yet most diverse floral kingdom in the world. The indigenous Rose Geranium, Buchu, Honeybush, African Wormwood, Aloe and Helichrysum Petiolare “Impepho”. are all part of our product mix, accompanied by a range of complimentary botanicals and spices.

CBD Infused Beverages

Don’t let Dry January harsh your mellow. If you’re looking for a little somethin’ different, check out our selection of CBD infused beverages.