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Pappy Van Winkle Charity Auctions


Allocated Bourbons

Each year we receive an allocation of high end bourbon from Pappy Van Winkle, Weller Antique Selection and others. We divide our allocation into equal parts and host auctions in Fort Wayne, Elkhart and South Bend. We are required by law to sell our products for retail + tax; dollars exceeding that amount are then donated to the chosen charity of that particular auction.

How to Participate

A $25 space reservation is required for admission to each auction. This reservation entitles the participant a $25 dollar Belmont Beverage & Chalet Party Shoppes gift card. The space reservation can only be purchased from the location hosting the auction the participant intends to attend.

How the Auctions Work

We divide our bourbons for each auction into lots. Traditionally, we have anywhere between 20 - 30 lots with varying product in each lot. Each guest will receive one bidding paddle per $25 space reservation and will have a limit of one winning bid per paddle.


If a lot does not sell the first time it is up for auction, we will move on and reopen this lot to all participants regardless of prior winning bids at the end of the night. Additionally, the last few lots will be opened up to all participants regardless of prior winning bids.

How We Select Charities

We select charities local to each of our markets. We typically choose non-for-profit organizations that serve the communities through their own fund raisers and donations.


If you are a charity organization and are interested in being considered being chosen as a recipient for our charity auctions, please reach out to us at contact@belmontbev.com. Please provide us with information about your charity, how it serves the community and why we should consider your charity as a recipient.

Dates and Times

For auction dates and times, be sure to keep your eye on our Tastings and Events page on our website.

Tom Druley (featured far right), accepts the Community Service Award on behalf of the company for our Charity Bourbon Auctions at the

2023 Market Watch Annual Leaders Awards Dinner.