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From Our Curb,
To Yours!
Delivery is now offered through our 3311 North Anthony Blvd location in Fort Wayne, IN!

Step 1

Log in or create a new profile

Step 2

Change your shopping location to a location to a location that offers delivery.

Browse our locations to see which current locations offer delivery.

Step 3

Make your selection by adding items to your cart.

Step 4

At checkout, select "Delivery" as your method of receiving your order.

*If this is your first delivery order, enter promo code "Belmo2u" to get your first delivery FREE
If we aren't delivering in your area just yet, you can help us expand by filling out the form below and tell us where you would like us to deliver.
Delivery FAQ
Q: What days do you deliver?

A: We deliver on Thursdays and Fridays from 1pm - 6pm. We are looking to expand over time.
Q: I am not in your delivery area, what if I want to enjoy delivery?

A: Fill out the form above so we know where you would like to enjoy delivery and we will let you know when we've expanded our zones.
Q: Will you leave my product on my door step?

A: No. The recipient must be on location, 21 or older with a valid license. If we are un able to deliver, we will take the product back to the store and reach out for an updated delivery time.
Q: Do I have to place a minimum for delivery?

A: Yes. Currently, a $30 minimum is required to qualify for delivery. Applicable delivery fees apply as well.
Q: My home is within the delivery zones but it won't let me place an order for delivery. What do I do?

A: Make sure your address is linked to your profile. You can view/edit your profile by clicking on the "profile" icon at the top of our website or tapping on the 3 lines on the top left of your mobile app.
Q: How soon will my order arrive?

A: You can schedule your delivery out as far as you like as long as it fits in our delivery schedule. We will try to make the delivery within an hour of approval if the order is placed for same day delivery.